There’s gonna be some Asian on TV this fall

I have never seen more Asians on TV and there will be more Asian Americans in leading roles and get this, two, count them, TWO family sitcoms centered around Asian families!  We waited so long with baited breath for some representation. Jenny Yang, awesome comedian and cultural critic, coined the term “rep sweats” – talking about that feeling of anxiety that you get about how your people will be represented in the media. After all the sweating, I feel like I got a good work out and, for once, there is more than one show to watch. So far I’m watching Fresh Off the Boat Season 2, Dr. Ken, and Quantico. I’m seeing characters that resonate, situations that feel familiar, and shows that are making me laugh and have me on the edge of my seat.

More on this later, in the meantime here’s Angry Asian Man’s rundown of the new Asian American characters that are coming to primetime this fall!


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