I’ve been following Eddie Huang on his Vice mini series called “Fresh of the Boat with Eddie Huang” for a while on Youtube, so when I found out that he was making a TV show I was so excited. However, the show wasn’t about food, which initially I thought it would be since his mini series was. I was kinda shocked to see that it would be like an ABC family sitcom. I also, remember seeing the show’s trailers being shared all over my Facebook feed and so, I decided to join the crowd and watch them, after the first trailer, I was hooked. I remember seeing the mom talk about how the grocery stores back in China were more “calming” yet the flashback showed otherwise. Besides the obvious humor about the scene, I felt like I actually connected with it. I’ve been to my share of Chinese markets and even though they weren’t as intense as the ones the mom experienced I felt a connection. I said to myself, “OMG I can totally see my mom doing that”.

I just love how the show makes fun of Asian stereotypes in a way that wasn’t offensive to me. The scene where the mom takes the entire free sample of chips was hilarious and played on the stereotypes that Asian people are cheap or very frugal was by far the funniest scene to me. I continued to watch not only because this class made it a requirement but because the show was genuinely funny to me. It made me say FINALLY, there’s something on TV I can relate to.


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