We all have our heroes. My Asian-American hero just so happens to be fashion-blogger Jenn Im. She started off on Youtube as “Clothesencounters” with her friend Sarah. Eventually Sarah had to leave due to personal reasons, but Jenn kept making videos. She documented her outfits throughout the week and even daily snippets of her college life. I’ve watched her since she started. Her growth throughout the years has been spectacular! Her Instagram recently hit 1 million followers and she has garnered a strong fan base around the world.

She is my hero because she taught me how to be confident–confident in the way I dress, myself, etc. Like I said before, she started with a small channel. Back then, she was shy and conservative in the way she expresses herself. With time, us viewers got to see her personality come out as well as her outfits become more bold. I think I emulated her in the sense that she doesn’t care what others think. Her eccentric (but nice) fashion taste has encouraged me to develop my own style, and with that, to wear what I want. It’s not just about fashion, it’s about Jenn being a positive role model for other girls.


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