Watching this show has been very enjoyable and until I took this class I didn’t or hadn’t thought much about how this show offers more than just a laugh. This show gives us, Asian Americans, something to connect with and someone to share our “struggles”. This show gives us something new, a look into the lives of Asian Americans.

One thing that I love about the show is how every character has their own special quality. They weren’t just bunched together but instead they were given uniqueness. The main character and eldest son, Eddie, is a delight to watch on screen. The fact that hip hop is such a big influence in his life is kind of shocking and hilarious. Normally when people think of small Asian boys, they don’t link him to Tupac or Notorious BIG but Eddie gives off a kind of “swagger” on TV that makes him a one of a kind.

A character I feel is one of the most important has to be Grandma. Although she speaks the least in the TV series, she says the most. By that I mean, she is the representation of culture in the show and the preservation of it. She speaks only in Mandarin Chinese which could represent how she doesn’t want the language to die in the household. Sometimes I wonder why the parents don’t speak Chinese to each other and speak with Chinese accents but it might just be because the tv show is American and the predominant crowd they want to please happens to be White and speak English. In my household I was told to speak in Mandarin at all times, I would often be yelled at for playing American music on the radio. Which is why I am delighted to see a character such as Grandma, who holds onto the language. She teaches us that just because you move to a new country with a different language doesn’t mean you have to lose your own.


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