This week our assignment was to watch the first season of ABC’s series “Fresh Off The Boat”. Being born in the United States and being Asian American made it quite easy for me to relate to this show. It is extremely rare now a day for an Asian actor or actress to be cast as the star of a movie or TV show. Fresh Off The Boat not only has casted an Asian American for the lead role but supports an entire Asian American cast. I think that this show is a great way to show stereotypes from a different perspective.

There was one episode where Eddie brought noodles to school to eat for lunch. However his friends were disgusted by the smell of the food and told him to get it away. This made Eddie want to fit in with the rest of his friends and he went to go buy lunchables. I could relate to this as a kid because I was just like Eddie. I would just usually bring whatever was leftover from dinner and bring it in for lunch the next day. A majority of the time, the food I brought from lunch would be some type of Asian food that my mom cooked. And because I went to a school where the majority of the student population was white, many weren’t accustomed to see these types of foods.

One stereotype that Asian Americans have is that they are cheap. I thought that this show did a good at putting a comedic view on this stereotype. In the season finale episode of Fresh Off The Boat, the family went on a vacation so that Jessica could relax. When they were checking into the hotel, Jessica said that two of her kids were just visiting so that they wouldn’t be charged extra for having more people in the room. Also when they tried to go to the amusement park, she tried to pass that one of her kids was under 5 so that he could get in free. But the park attendant said that he wasn’t under 5 because he just he’s wearing laced shoes so he’s a big boy now.

I think that Fresh Off The Boat does a good job at having comedic scenes that are related to many different Asian American stereotypes without making them feel too offensive. I found these scenes to be very funny myself.


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