Preweek Blog

After reading the first week articles, I realized many things that I was originally oblivious to. Taking a quote directly from Bitchmedia, it posed an interesting statement. “”YOU GOT ASIANS ON TV!” It’s no doubt a victory, but it’s also damn depressing. It shows just how invisible we are…”. I found it interesting that this quote is incredibly true. Within the media, I noticed how Asians are not the choice of actors. As a child I remember watching the newly released Dragon Ball Z movie. It was such a huge disappointment due to the fact that they replaced the ostensibly Asian character from the animated cartoon with a White male actor. Additionally, due to this invisibility, whenever we encounter Asians on television or in the movies we get overly excited and become encouraged by this feat. Pointing to another article, Vulture, we are provided with Eddie’s perspective on the production and release of his memoir. In it a nutshell, the article states Eddie’s reluctance to produce the memoir due to it straying from its original content. However, the article from TVGUIDE, provides a strong argument as to why it must slightly diverge onto a different path from what is originally written in the book. Within the article, it states how the show does not push everything out at once and instead eases the Asian culture into the American media. I believe this is the best way to tackle the situation since many individuals lack exposure to Asian culture,


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