Week 1

This week saw the premiere of Dr. Ken, a sitcom starring Ken Jeong, best known for his role as Leslie Chow in The Hangover. Having just caught up with all of the episodes of Fresh Off the Boat, I figured I would be more open to starting this series. After I finished the pilot episode, however, I was left feeling a little…empty?

Let me begin by saying that the show at least doesn’t perpetuate Asian stereotypes. At least. And Ken is shown as having an American accent. What? His accent in The Hangover wasn’t real?? Ugh. But what the show doesn’t do for me is it doesn’t have particularly interesting characters besides, well, Dr. Ken. And how could Ken Jeong’s character not be interesting? He’s bold and inappropriate, and the type of character I like to see on TV because the only times I really watch TV anymore is when I somehow have half an hour with nothing to do, and I would really like to see something out of this world, and I somehow have no Internet connection. In other words, I live in the Interwebs now, sorry, television. But back to my point, Dr. Ken is really the only reason I would have to continue watching this show. So far, the other characters and the plot devices seem to be copy-pasted from other sitcoms. So what does all of this rambling from a college student who spends too much time on the Internet and not enough time in the real world mean?

Well, it means, I guess, that I don’t have much to say about this show as only the pilot has aired. But yes, it’s great that we have Asians in the lead roles, and yes, it’s great that we have them portray themselves as people and no less than human. I just hope that this isn’t all the show has to offer. I just really, really hope that this isn’t the case of “oh, this style of sitcom is now unwanted. Here, you can be the star of these hand-me-downs, Ken.” This show deserves more than that.


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