It’s a good comedy on television

     Historically speaking, Fresh off the Boat represents media exposure of Asian American families on American television that is long overdue. But historical reason aside, the reason I think the show has received so many critics and echoes is also due to its funny and cinematic form of presenting Asian-American culture on television. It’s a comedy. Some people were upset of the show because they felt it is not a fair representation of Asian culture, or as someone who grew up in the states with an Asian family, they feel the show does’t do Asian culture justice in the way it represents his or her family. But to me, I feel the show is not about accurately representing Asian American families to the toe, I feel it is more about putting Asian American population out there, and draws attention towards Asian American culture. I agree that the show is about fair representation, but I feel it also should be more about media exposure.

     I get why Eddie was upset with the production of the show, how he felt it was not an accurate enactment of his life. However, I personally feel the “historical value” that Eddie has been emphasized on during press release is still there, and a little twist and maybe a dramatic display of his story is in no way devaluing his personal life stories and those moments he felt that defined him as a person. Like I said, it is a comedy. The production team wants its audience to be able to laugh and enjoy themselves after a long day of work, it wants to bring a whole family together to enjoy stories from another family, and to peek inside another culture. This show is entertaining, it fulfills its purpose of being a prime time family-friendly comedy, the rest, it should be left for the history to decide.   


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