Yellow Peril??

Where to begin…. Let’s start with the all the propaganda…

WTF… First off, how do Chinese/Japanese look even remotely like rodents?! It’s both infuriating and entertaining how the media portrayed Asians and Asian Americans. The anger comes from the obviously exaggerated features of the buck teeth and slanted eyes also the dehumanization of the group in general. I understand that in order to emotionlessly hate or fight another human being is to turn them into something lesser, like a rat however, I don’t understand where all this hate came from? The part I find entertaining is just how EXAGGERATED the people look, also the segment on “how to identify a jap” was just too funny and ridiculous not to laugh at.

The US was not fighting with China when they passed the first culturally restricting law, merely they were insecure of their own abilities to obtain a job. Anytime a “foreigner” comes into the country they are viewed as a threat. If you advertise yourself as the “Land of Free” and “Home of the Brave”, why do such a cowardly thing and just forbid them from entering your country. How free is a land where you’re restricted by the color of your skin. It’s infuriating how skin color or ethnicity is even an issue at all. Look at the animal kingdom we’re placed at the Top yet we’re the weakest of them all and if it were not for firearms we’d be defenseless. Animals don’t judge each other on what type of subcategory of species they are, they live in a sort of unity which the humans lack. I am straying from the issue I first presented but I just wanted to get these thoughts off my chest.

Bottom line is Yellow Peril is just dumb and race as an “issue” is just dumb in general. #ALLlivesmatter


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