Fresh off the Whaaa?

When I first saw the advertisement for the show I was shocked. I was aware of how offensive the title was and could not fathom how a prime channel like ABC could follow through with airing a show with such an offensive title. That could only leave my mind to wander with what offensive content the show could also be filled with.

As a concept the show definitely has a chance to shed light on the stereotypes and mis conceptions the public has of Asian americans. However, the danger arises when they end up re-enforcing these stereotypes instead of shutting them down. It becomes difficult to tell when the show is just trying to be funny and in the process enforcing the stereotypes or when they are trying to make thought provoking  statements about the Asian american experience.

In an even larger frame I think is it important to consider not only the Asian american stereotypes enforced, but those of women and African-Americans.  I sympathize with Eddie Huang about how he feels his story is misrepresented, but more than that how all of the minorities in the show are also misrepresented.


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