Week 3 Dr.Ken and Asian American Sexuality

Before our discussion on Tuesday and the reading from Straightjacket Sexualities, I was not aware of how hyper-sexualized the Asian american female is in the media or how hypo-sexualized the Asian-American male is in the media. All the examples pointed out in class were mainly things that I had seen or was aware of, but never connected the dots or I guess realized the offensive nature behind the roles.

I started watching Dr.Ken after the discussion and although many classmates expressed disapproval of the show I think it did a fair enough job of averting these stereo-types. All the members of the family fir the typical sitcom roles and although that makes for a cheesy bland cookie-cutter type television show, I don’t think its fair to expect any more of a show on ABC.

I think it may even be a good thing that the show is not too volatile to demonstrate the idea that it shouldn’t be a crazy thing for an Asain-american family to be on television. I think FOTB takes care of raising some of those issues. Granted considering the amount of misrepresentation these two shows do not make up for it at all, but it’s definitely a start. I also definitely think it’s good that these shows came out at the same time to compare and contrast each other, and hopefully what one lacks the other will make up for it.


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