Bruce Lee

Thoughts that ran through my head while reading this week’s assignment are 1.) Who gave people the power to pick and choose how Asian American men are portrayed and 2.) How did Bruce Li break this change of emasculate Asian men? In my opinion, the introduction of the reading contained repetitiveness and describing about what I was going to be reading in the next chapter. But, I may have taken the introduction lightly and not caught on to the importance of it.

In class and in readings we have discussed the way Asian men are portrayed. Most times it includes being bucktoothed, social awkwardness with girls, broken english, and nerdy. One example of an emasculate asian character is Raj from The Big Bang Theory. As you can see here, he looks uncomfortable and out of place while being in bed with the opposite gender. In the show, his character is portrayed as being unable to talk to girls, unless he has alcohol, and innocent to the opposite sex.


Now in comparison to Bruce Lee, the readings spoke a lot about his encounters with women. His chiseled body and honor were things that sometimes withheld him from engaging in any sexual activity. Along with women who were portrayed as temptresses, Lee’s dedication to doing the right choice in defending family were executed instead. There were also arguments about Lee being asexual because he would not engage in any form of sexual activity but instead would rather hold romantic relationships instead. I think that the portrayal of Bruce Lee broke certain stereotypes of Asian males but instead replaced those with qualities like putting personal values over personal relationships.


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