Blog 3 Xining Li. My understanding of Asian American Sexuality

I am pretty sad about Asian American are desexualized in American movie industry. Asian Americans are showing lack of masculinity on American movies. American people treat Asian American as nerds. Asian Americans were just like Fu Manchu back then. There has been a time that Bruce Lee was playing as Kung Fu superhero on the television screen.He did break the stereotype that Asian American was villains like Fu Manchu. And sure, when Bruce Lee was popular, Asian American could finally walk on the street with their heads up. And that’s good, no doubt. But It doesn’t matter how bad-ass he is, he just don’t kiss or have sex with females on the screen. He is just asexual. He is not like a white hero, being both a warrior and a love master. Not only that, Bruce Lee gave American white people an image that Asians are all Kung Fu people. Even though being a Kung Fu person is not bad, lot better compared to be Fu Manchu. However, a Kung Fu person is still not a normal being. Now things are getting worse. As Asian Americans increasing their social classes, getting more and more resources, American people started to think that Asian Americans are smart. They are the most nerdy students in their high schools, getting best grades, going to best public universities. Again, Asain Americans stopped playing as protagonists on movies, because american people think Asian-American are cunning, sophisticated, and crafty. If an Asian American could be a protagonist, the antagonist must also be an Asian American. Asian American should be working on this to let themselves be represented in this society.

I mean, Asian American should be more diverted on their roles on television. They should be protagonists, antagonists, super-hero, muscular gangsters, warriors, cops, drug dealers, politician, prostitutes, and other random people. Only in that case, American people could forget stereotypical stuff about Asian-Americans.

Another fact is there aren’t that many Asian-American porn stars in Los Angeles. That could be another impression that American people put a desexualized impression on Asian-American people. That’s because of cultures I believe.

But I think Asian American can be seductive and provocative in the future. Just the time have not yet come.

We have Mia Smiles, Evelyn Lin as porn  stars. We have Sung Kang as a flirting man in Fast and Furious. We have Margaret Cho as a open-minded women protesting for LGBT people. Asian Americans are developing amoral attributes on sex.


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