Pre- Week

I am happy to say that the required ‘reading’ for this week was to my pleasure. While sitting in my garage room and binge watching Fresh off the Boat I found myself laughing, gasping and confused episode after episode. The reason is that Eddie Huang’s family is depicted as so distinct. Eddie as the eldest ‘hip-hop’ loving son provides a unique sense of contemporary comedy. In contrast his mother, played by Constance Wu, is depicted as a bit of a dragon mother stereotype but her random outbursts are funny nonetheless. I find it particularly interesting that this show was inspired by a true story, given the content of the show it has peaked my interest as to whether I will try to tackle the book as a leisurely read alongside my other course readings.

Regardless, I am enjoying the Huang family, it reminds me a bit of my own. Though not an Asian-American family, my Mexican-American family displays generational shifts too. My traditional grandmother whom only speaks Spanish. My mother, who while initially opposed to assimilation eventually adopted some American customs. Then there’s my brother’s and I. I am looking forward to how each character develops in the upcoming season. So far my favorite episode has been ‘The Blind Spot.’ This is due to the integration of an Asian American with a queer identity. I found Jessica’s and Louis’s reactions to learning Oscar’s identity to be quite progressive. They did not poke fun at his sexual orientation they regarded him as an equal individual. Such an intersectional role usually is mocked on television and this episode made me feel that we as a society are taking a step in the right direction.


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