Pre-Week Blog Post (1) First Impressions

Week 0 Blog: 

First thing that comes to mind in relation to this class is the neat visual aspect to it. I, myself, am a visual learner and being able to take concepts from class and then applying them to the real world through media is so helpful! What a better way to learn. I had actually been wanting to watch Fresh Off the Boat, but for one reason or another–like always– I just didn’t get the time–or make the time– to sit down and watch it. Now I don’t really have a choice, and I am perfectly okay with that. I’m excited! I get to spend this weekend binge-watching a little, which, hey really isn’t all that bad. I’m super stoked to go see the Dr. Ken taping, too! Ken Jeong is hilarious and, while I haven’t seen the show, I’m sure it will be a fun and learning experience. A fun, learning experience. I think I’ll watch Fresh Off the Boat now and add in my thoughts. I have now watched almost all of the season and am totally digging the ‘90s throwback feel. I also realized that I never really realized the lack of Asian Americans on TV before O__O. I think that, in itself, says a lot. It just kind of felt normalized. It’s pretty wild to think that the last TV show was Margaret Cho’s decades ago. I know that it’s definitely more prominent to see a white family on primetime TV network, but even other POC families have been featured far more than Asian Americans. There has been Everybody Hates Chris and the George Lopez show. I hope that, unlike the Margaret Cho show, this TV show lasts longer. I find it entertaining and I do enjoy the style of it. It’s definitely very daring and brave. It doesn’t beat around the bush with its usage of very racist terminology and treatment on the part of the white people in the show. Although, after reading a handful of articles, I see that there has also been some controversy and drama surrounding the show. While it takes a great leap towards some sort of visibility, it appears that there is still some very real censorship taking place. It is hard to know the truth when you’re simply an audience member and not someone behind the scenes, but I think if the author of the book, himself, is taking the courage to speak out against the producers/behind the scenes people, with the knowledge of how it makes him look, then I think there is certainly some truth to this remaining masking of the truth.


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