TIFU – Week 5


Somebody recently brought this to my attention and I thought it somehow related to things we had been talking about in this class!

It’s about a popular post on reddit, TIFU which stands for “today I F’ed up.” This particular one is crazy because it tells the story of a couple that adopts an Asian baby and the following events.

The dad posts here about how he tried to raise his son Chinese and introduce him to the culture through celebrating holidays, taking vacations to China, and is even “adopted” by a Chinese aunt and uncle. While parenting decisions here and possible cultural appropriation are at play, the decision in itself to me is not too bad of a thing to do. To have an adopted child is something I bet is really hard, especially with racial differences and the fact that they had enough money to send him on trips to China means that in some ways he was fortunate.

The father reveals that he finds out that the son is actually Korean! So he F’ed up. And upon further research I found that he did choose to tell his son the mistake and that love overall prevailed. I just think that the issue of race and ethnicity and the his identity relates to the class’ topics. The way he introduced his son to Chinese culture is definitely appropriation as it is surely nothing like being raised Chinese, even with Chinese parents in America. His notion that he must be Chinese is pretty racist in that he just decides that all Asians are the same and that it was not even important enough to double check. I mostly feel bad for the family with this awkward situation.


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