Asian American TV persona representation

This week’s Fresh off the Boat showed an interesting phenomena where minority group members often feel the pressure to “correctly” represent themselves in the media. Just because people in minority groups such as Asian American don’t often get the chance to present themselves in popular media, every chance of appearance is treated as a treasured opportunity, and often lead to pressure about their appearance in the media and the worrisome of misrepresenting their group.

I think this worry is useless because there is no “right” to represent oneself, especially when having the burden of representing their whole ethnic group. The idea of one person can somewhat represent the dynamic of a whole ethnic group is absurd, and hence the reasons for stereotypes and racism. When Louis feel pressured by Jessica to ” correctly” represent Asians on TV, to be more serious not like the “hilarious clown” that Jessica saw, he admitted he didn’t feel like himself, his personality was burdened with the constant pressure of representing Asian Americans as a whole on American television, to be the right “spokeperson” for the group, to make people take Asian Americans seriously, not as the butt of the joke, just because this burden, Louis felt he misrepresented himself, he wasn’t the causal, funny and hilarious guy he normally is, and this misrepresntation really bother him because it affected her “performance” on TV and hurt the relationships he had with the show hosts. And this awkward appearance made Jessica realize there’s virtually impossible to have it all, to be a perfect human being, or to supposedly ” correctly” represent your ethnic group, it is just too much burden, and it is shouldn’t be this way to start with, no one should feel pressured to represent their ethnicity as a whole, that is just ignorance and shallow and even racist for the audiences who accept it.


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