Louis Impressions on FOTB

In Fresh Of The Boat this week, Louis appears on a show to promote his restaurant. He does some impression of Sylvester Stallone and Daffy Duck. The Rocky Balboa impression involves him slanting his eyes. The Daffy Duck impression involves him distorting his voice. These both instead of revealing themselves as just funny innocent impressions, are also reminiscent of mockery.

But after his appearance, Louis worries that he’s just perpetuating the “Long Duc Dong” stereotype of Asians on TV. Would these impression be an example of Implicit yellow face? Why is it that they have to become stereotypes when all he did was in good fun. Is it offensive if one does it to his or herself? Why can’t we find the divide between humor and perpetuating stereotypes. Are we doomed to never understand the divide. “It it racist?” This question is very tricky to answer and almost always arises in tricky situations.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there will always exist this vicious circle of stereotypes because stereotypes are engrained in history and history can never be erased. So how do we deal with it in order to promote comedy yet avoid offensiveness?


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