Asian Americans in the Media Documentary

Today in class we watched a documentary about Asian Americans in the media. At the beginning of the documentary, random people were asked if they knew any Asian American actors? And most people responded with Jet Li or Bruce Lee. Many people that they interviewed didn’t know anyone Asian American actors or artists in the media.

This documentary featured many famous YouTube stars such as Just Kidding Films, Kevjumba,, Wong Fu Productions, Aj Rafael, Mike Song, and many more. Many of these stars reached their stardom and fame by using YouTube as a medium to be able to reach millions of people around the world. Many of these artists are ones that I am personally subscribed to on YouTube.

Kevjumba for instance posted his first YouTube video back when he was in high school. He gained his fame from posting a video about stereotypes that was featured on YouTube. I personally used to follow his videos and know that he hasn’t posted a video in a couple years. He used the money that he received from YouTube to help build a high school in Kenya. This shows that he has used his fame to help improve the lives of others.

Many of these YouTube stars are turning their brands into a company. They are creating their own clothing brands to help generate additional revenue for their business. This was the case for Wong Fu Productions who created their own clothing line to help generate additional income so they could put their whole focus on building their brand.

These YouTube stars use a variety of different social medias to be able to reach out to their fans and keep in touch with them. They perform meet and greets because they want to get to know their fans on a more personal level. They also show their young fans that there are other job opportunities out there other than more traditional jobs. It shows that it is possible for Asian Americans to be famous in the media.


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