Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”

Aziz Ansari’s new show “Masters of None” premiered recently on Netflix, where Ansari plays an actor named Dev Shah. We explore his life in New York, where the viewers experience his dating life and escapades throughout life, but it also brings up the important topic of heritage and representation of Asian-Americans in media that we’ve been focusing on in this class.

Ansari’s character tells the story of how Asian-American actors and actresses have long had no roles in the film industry, and how it’s important to remember their culture. Just like “Fresh Off The Boat”, “Masters of None” raises many important issues that Asian-Americans face, and presents them in a comedic way to the public.  This is fantastic for the Asian-American community, as having more actors in roles with substance and emotions moves the community more towards equality in the film industry.

Ansari’s show has already tackled many different tough subjects, from the white supremacy seen in the industry that forces people of color out, to addressing how women may feel unsafe in a society filled with misogyny.  It is important for shows throughout Hollywood to continue this trend, as the industry avoided the issues surround Asian-American actors and cultural issues for many years.  Ansari’s show is another step in the right direction, just like with “Fresh Off The Boat”.


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