Independent Media, New Practices, & Mobilizing Organizations

Directing and producing independent films opens an outlet for Asian Americans to showcase their work. Independent is in terms of non-mainstream production of media where it also has a close interrelated relationship with the dominant media. Independent refers to funding, marketing, and production as well as taking into consideration, audience, content, and context. Along with independent films, new media practices, in this case the Internet, are another alternative that makes space for the API community.

In Thursday’s screening of the documentary, Uploaded: The Asian American Movement, I was shocked to see how much Asians Americans that I recognized. There were a few that I have not heard of before but I was excited to find out who they were. It was interesting how they used new media practices to present accurate ways of representation. While watching the film, I remember how some these YouTube characters that have dominated memories of my adolescent years. I would check weekly to see if Wong Fu Productions, NigaHiga, and KevJumba uploaded a new episode. I didn’t agree with every single message they sent out bit it is nice to see a face, character, and/or story that I recognize and may even identify with. Watching these YouTube videos, created by Asian Americans provided a way for me to bond with my siblings as well. We finally had something interesting to talk and laugh about. Seeing the progress of Asian Americans in the media was very inspirational.

After watching the documentary, I realized how important it is for Asian Americans to support each other: monetarily and as an audience. I think it is important to note that when mobilizing organizations for support, we move from the individual to the collective. Support in helping these independent films will help put out more accurate depictions of Asian Americans in the media.


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