Busta Rhymes

I recently just watched “Master of None” written by Aziz Ansari and so far it’s been okay. The first episode I watched was episode 4 and it gave me the impression that this show is going to get real.

Episode four was about Indians on Tv or in the Media and holy shit it was so real and by real i mean that it is literally real. They dont sugar coat their reactions or responses and everything is how i would imagine it would go on in real life. The cameo of Busta Rhymes was hilarious but gave me something realistic and believable. Busta Rhymes knows that the email was fucked up and tells Aziz to make the most of him “currying the favor”.

The issues that they face are the actual issues most Indian American actors are facing to this day. Not only Indian Americans but all Asian Americans. I hadn’t realized but what they say about the “more than two” issue is real. You never see much of two of the same ethnicities in the same show and when they are it is labeled as that ethnicity show. Such as more than two chinese main characters then it’s considered a “chinese show”. Which is ridiculous, you never hear people calling house “the white doctor show”.

I do like how they explain to the viewers another reason behind the directors choice of not having two Indian character, which is that its not what the target or “most relatable” audience will want to see. I believe that’s true and hope that in the soon future more ethnicities will pop onto our televisions and I hope that no one says anything. The best reaction i want to achieve from progress of Asian Americans in the media is no reaction. Treat us like regular characters on a show and see past our ethnicity, see us as individual and unique human beings.


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