Annabel Chong

I had heard about the infamous gang bang that Annabel Chong was a part of, but I admit I had not considered her motivations or even thought her to be a scholar. From the videos shown in class and the reading it became clear that she was making a point that women can take charge of their sexuality. I respected her for trying to shed light on the matter that when a woman sleeps around she is deemed a slut, but if a man sleeps around he is a stud. I was even taken aback from a scene in the clip shown in class where she wears a homemade shirt with slut printed on the front – to a class discussion!

I still feel that banging 251 men in ten hours is quite a dramatic way to prove a point especially considering the normal amount of sexual partners one has in a lifetime, but maybe this is a reflection on the problem with the definition of what the norm is, and how the norm can shape our mindsets and even perpetuate stereotypes. I respect her for her independence in her choice making but from afar – mainly because I could never see myself making the same choice under any circumstance.


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