Week 8 Blog

For this weeks blog, the focus will be placed on Netflix’s original series, “The Master of None”. Instantly, the show delivers an impactful and clear message that captivates the interest of the viewers–especially of color. Unlike Dr. Ken–both shows are respectable in their own ways–The Master of None, does not beat around the bush. In episode four of The Master of None, it addressed many controversial points. From “Brownface” to typical Indian stereotypes, it was all clearly expressed through the dialogue. Me being a person that favors simplicity and directness, the show very much appeals to me.

One point to address is the fact that when auditioning, or when trying to get cast, Dev had to include an Indian accent. The fact that an Indian accent had to be included, emphasizes the fact that American producers or casters wishes orientals or those who have an “oriental appearance” to act even more exotic and oriental than they actually are. In Dev’s case, despite being raised in America and immersed in American culture, he is encouraged and can be even considered “forced” to adopt an accent that would be considered foreign to Dev. Therefore, the naivety to believe that every orientalist has the capacity to perform an accent of their ethnicity or “act their ethnicity” is wrong. Even if they could, it is wrong to have a person of said ethnicity to perform the accent just because it would create humor and play into the stereotype.

To conclude, The Master of None, although very direct does not lack humor nor leave room for constructive criticism to escape. It is extremely funny, while bringing awareness to stereotypes for the American viewers.


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