Bobby Wood

Bobby Wood is an Asian-American soccer player, who currently plays for the United States Men’s National Team, and for FC Union Berlin, a club team in Germany’s Bundesliga.

Bobby Wood was born on November 15th, 1992 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is shares both Japanese and African American heritage. He is considered one of the United States’ top rising soccer stars, due to his clutch goal scoring ability and creative flair. Recently, Wood has made a name for himself in the soccer community after scoring the winning goals in friendlies against the Netherlands, and five days later, against top-ranked Germany.  Being only 22 at the time of both goals, it was incredible for such a young player to make such a large impact against two of the top-ranked teams in international soccer. The USMNT wins were a shock to most of the world, and many believe Bobby Wood is the main reason a generally lackluster U.S. squad would be able to topple Germany and the Netherlands.  Amongst the soccer community, many believe Wood will be the future of the USMNT program, hopefully leading the national team to it’s most successful run in history.

Apart from making a name for his soccer skills, Bobby Wood is also becoming popular as a representative for Asian-Americans throughout the U.S. and the world. Players of Asian heritage are very uncommon in the sport, due to the global dominance from Europe, Africa, and South America.  As Bobby Wood becomes more popular, he is becoming an inspiration for Asian-American soccer fans throughout the community, and hopefully paves the way for future generations of Asian-American soccer players.


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