Master of None: Parents

After putting it off for so long, I decided to watch the first six episodes of Master of None during this beautifully cloudy Thursday afternoon. Wow. Those first two episodes were serious guilt trips. It’s always fun being reminded that your concerns are largely insignificant compared to the struggles of the people who sacrificed so much to get you where you are.

I guess it’s pretty fitting that I watched this on Thanksgiving. There’s nothing quite like reflecting on my own mortality by staring at a box of ashes and trying to forget years’ worth of regrets while waiting on your family to be in the same building at the same time on a day that is essentially celebrating life, community, and happiness. But at the very least I can take comfort in knowing that the people who came before me who worked so hard to get me here probably had it worse than I did. Going back to Master of None, episode two hit me pretty hard when I thought about how hard my parents worked for me to be here. I remember my grandparents even told me some stories of what they went through to get my parents to where they are. I suppose it’s a good thing that our day-to-day concerns become less life threatening as the generations pass but the episode “Parents” reminds us to remember what it cost for all of us to be here today. It’s something that we should all take the time to appreciate and be thankful for.


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