Thanksgiving With Dr. Ken

I had the pleasure of watching this last Dr. Ken episode with my sister and we laughed at the similarities that we’ve dealt with at thanksgiving. The main feud of this episode was the split between Allison’s Japanese culture and Ken’s Korean culture. It all started with Molly’s Japanese tattoo being discovered, and the fact that it was a Japanese tattoo that bothered Ken. This was something my sister and I laugh at because our mom would have reacted the same way. Anyways, it soon escalated to a culture argument between the two parents, and who was implementing their culture better.

Side note, I would like to point out how Ken’s boss intruded on his Thanksgiving dinner, almost like how the pilgrims came over unannounced and took what they could from the Native Americans. Also, in the episode, they kept using the term faded Asian, or something of that sort, and I felt that it had the same context as white-washed. I know for a fact that I grew up white-washed in my culture. I don’t speak Tagalog nor do I know much about the Filipino traditions. But what I do know is I can’t learn all about my culture in one day. And I have taken the initiative to slowly learn more about my Filipino culture by joining clubs. At the end of the episode, Ken has a small heart to heart talk with his father and goes to fix Thanksgiving dinner. I think this was a great episode to show the differences in cultures and how they can act together as one instead of two separate entities.


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