Dr. Ken Blog Post

After watching the Thanksgiving episode of Dr. Ken I was left with some thoughts about the show. I really want to like the show for what it is, a classically formatted American sitcom. This even means the presence of a live studio audience with an exaggerated laugh track in the background. I thought that the concept of the show was cool because it featured Ken Jeong in the lead with an Asian family which is another step forward for Asian American media, along with Master of None and Fresh off the Boat.

Yet I do feel like this show falls short of the latter two in terms of pure quality of the show. I felt that the show is very slapstick and Ken Jeong’s character is not exactly sympathetic or relatable. I do think that the show attempts to tackle social and racial issues like how the white man was upset that chopsticks and not forks were being used for the Thanksgiving meals. I felt that Masters of None and Fresh off the Boat take these issues and put them at the forefront of episodes and make the viewer truly consider the realities of growing up Asian American whereas this show just seems a little more forced and comes off as less of an authentic experience. I read a review of the show that was negative but ultimately hopeful that the show could be powerful and funny with more episodesĀ and better execution and I definitely agree with that.


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