We Done Son…

While I’m usually a huge fan of Fresh Off the Boat and love the jokes and comedy associated with the show, this weeks episode was a complete disappointment for me. It wasn’t a lack of comedy, the comedy was just off and I felt that the message behind the episode lacked punch/meaning.

Similar to other episodes such as “Good Morning Orlando” and “Shaquille O’Neil Motors” which feature a celebrity cameo or pop culture reference, “We Done Son” features rapper DMX. Yet unlike those episodes, DMX adds little to the comedy and message of the episode. Shaq in his respective episode acted as a foil for Jessica and Louis’ bargaining talents. the presence of the Long Duk Dong reference brought up the the discussion of Asian American identity in the field of comedy.

The one redeeming factor of this episode and the only one that made me laugh is Jessica’s interactions with Madame Xing. While I’d normally complain about Asians being portrayed as being fanatical and superstitious, I actually had a great time with this joke. It provided a solid amount of laughs and helped bring me back to my childhood with my superstitious grandmother.


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