Cultural Appropriation

This week in class, we talked about cultural appropriation which is the concept of adopting elements from a different culture in a negative phenomenon. We watched several different music videos including “Hello Kitty” by Avril Lavigne, “Asian Girlz” by Day Above Ground” and “Princess of China” by Coldplay and Rihanna. These music videos took different objects and images from the Asian culture to be used in their music video. Another student in class today mentioned an example of cultural appropriation which was that Elvis Presley turned blues music into rock n roll. I think that there are some who do have a strong interest in the asian culture and don’t mean to show cultural appropriation. One current debate in the last year or so about cultural appropriation is the Washington Redskins who are an NFL franchise for the use of their name and logo. The Washington Redskins are using their name and logo and making millions of dollars a year from selling tickets, jerseys, and many other items that relate to the team. There have been many Native American organizations that are now protesting and wanting the team to change their name and logo.


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