Funny AF Videos

Hello Kitty you’re so pretty. K-K-K-kawai.

This week has been full of funny, irritating, and eye opening videos all relating to Asian Americans in the media. A big subject this week was about cultural appropriation and how other cultures mainly the West has been using Asian themes as a way to profit from them.

Personally I believe that there should be a freedom of speech and expression but if your sole purpose to use chopsticks in the hair or some other blown up stereotype of asians is to make money or to exploit them then fuck you. I dont seen anything wrong with non asian people trying to show their appreciation for Asian things by trying to incorporate Asian themes into their. However, things like Avril Lavignes “Hello Kitty” is just ridiculous. I dont see an appreciation of Japanese culture or art but just her trying to make her pathetic and failed attempt at a comeback. The song is catchy however I cannot get over how ridiculous the video and message of the song is.


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