The Project I almost did, and why I didn’t

Dear Blerg,

So after submitting and receiving feedback on my final project proposal, I’ve decided that I will not pursue the idea as my final project.  Initially, I wanted to make a buzzfeed or Vsauce stye/inspired video showing the oppression against Asian Americans in the current and historical American media. Initially, this seemed to be a good idea as, after taking this Asian American Studies class, I am well aware of the problem present and have many great examples in mind, but this does not mean that it is the best project choice for me.  Completing the project as I initially intended would not be a subversive way to change the culture and status of Asian Americans in the media or even entertaining.

Now that I’ve decided not to complete the project as I initially intended, I’m now left with a bunch of great video clips that I would still love to share with the world!  The first video clip is a 1971 “the lost” interview with Bruce Lee.  It includes some amazing quotes including:

Interviewer: Are you going to be able to live in both worlds?  Are you going to be a super star here [Hong Kong] or one in the States or both?
Lee: I am going to do both, because you see, I have already made up my mind that in United States I think something about the oriental, I mean, the true oriental should be shown
Interviewer: Hollywood sure hasn’t

Interviewer: Let me ask you about the problems that you face as a Chinese hero in an American series; have people come up in the industry and said ‘well we don’t know how the audience will take a non-American.’
Lee: Such questions have been raised and in fact that is being discussed in fact that’s why The Warrior will probably not be on.  You see because unfortunately, such thing does exist in this world… They think that business wise it’s a risk… but if you honestly express yourself it doesn’t matter.

The next video clip that I planned on including in my initial project was this example of a hyper-sexualized Bruce Lee from a Hong Kong production of The Big Boss which I intended to juxtapose to an American representation of Asian sexuality.

So I guess in the end I just wanted to share my feelings on why I decided to change the topic of my final, but I still wanted to share these links with you all!


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