say hello to CultureQween93

In this fast paced, ten-week course titled Asian American Pop Culture, various topics regarding culture, stereotypes and representation have been unpacked. Despite this short time period, my knowledge has increased exponentially not only of Asian Americans and their lived experiences but also as to my own privileges. As a culmination of this course, the short production I filmed and edited, “Asian Appreciation” sheds light on just a few of the extensive topics discussed in class. With an over exaggerated satirical theme and memorable punch line at the end, my goal for this video was to make people check their privileges and absurd stigmas. More specifically, this video will ideally make those who have culturally appropriated Asian cultures feel uncomfortable and perhaps better understand how appreciation is no feasible disguise for racism. Finally, I hope taking a comical stance on these subjects will make the nuances of cultural appropriation more relatable and targeted to a larger audience.


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