Master of None

Reversed racism, recently I saw this standup comedy show of reversed racism and it changed my entire perspective of revered racism. I always thought there was a possibility of reversed racism but I recently realized that you cannot create systematic racism of white people. There may be some racial commentary, but you can’t have racism towards them, there isn’t systemic system that enables them in anyway. I feel bad for the new generation of white people, but I don’t know. What do you think?

In this episode of Master of None, it was about brown faced acting roles. Similar to Asians or all the minorities, there are acting roles that exaggerates the culture of the race and I find it very offensive. In Master of None, it was awesome how he brought this brown faced issue up. It’s these tye f shows that creates the right representation of racial groups. I enjoyed this show very much because it deals with current issues that this society does not like to face. And this on of the many episode that deals for social issues.




Turkey, Stuffing, Dinuguan?

I’ll be frank, I like bad TV. I like corny jokes, bad accents, and in general bad things. Not because I enjoy them, but because sometimes, you just need a laugh.

Welcome to “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, a fairly new TV show on the CW network that deals with a lawyer who moved from New York to West Covina. In typical West Covina fashion, there’s Filipinos in this TV show. Even more so, there’s plenty in the Thanksgiving episode. Yes this show goes where no other Western TV show has gone before, broadcasting and demonstrating a super brown Filipino looking family that sits down for a meal together. I read a Vulture article that discussed the significance of this, I’ll find it later and edit it in. For my eyes, who have been around Filipinos for as long as I can remember, they seem authentic in their character. I’d argue that they look a little more like the Chinese influenced Filipinos, but its the exposure and influence that matters most right? Rather than trying to make petty talk about the characters, lets just appreciate them for what they are.

I viewed this episode with my other Filipino housemate and we really enjoyed the exposure that the show gave us. Especially so the exposure of the Asian market, because lets be frank, growing up it was hard to find an API that didn’t love the Asian market. One thing I didn’t enjoy though? The fact that Dinuguan was portrayed as some type of foreign & exotic dish. I mean it is, but there were so many different ways to approach it. Call it a delicacy, call it a Filipino dish, just don’t make the white girl make it and try to use it as a shoe in with the Filipino family.

As imperfect as this episode was, I did enjoy the exposure of Filipinos. We’re definitely not a group that we see frequently in media or pop culture, so having an image out there was good. Especially because the male Filipino lead is actually pretty handsome. Cheers!