Meme: Asian Fraternity


Often times, Asian fraternities are stigmatized and thought only drink and party. Yet for this fraternity, despite any other extra curricular activities they have, they still do hold the Guinness Book of World Records regarding their Zeta Phi “Skid” Rho philanthropy.

Meme: Verena Mei


Meet Verena Mei. She is the fastest Asian American female in the US for her undefeated time of 9.46 seconds of a quarter mile at 144MPH, earning her a Pro Competition Drag Racing License. Cheers to the stereotype that Asian/American women can’t drive.

You’re Asian?


Often times, people just cannot understand the difference between East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian. They always assume that all Asians look alike which is a pretty fucked up stereotype because we most certainly do not look alike. When people look at me they automatically assume I’m Latina or Filipino and when I tell them I’m Asian they are so surprised, even some Asian people are surprised because my eyes are a little bigger, my nose a little pointier, and my skin is a little tanner than what they think the average Asian person should look like. And when I say I’m Cambodian to be more specific, they don’t even know what that is so it’s a little disappointing.