Where the asian men at though?

Watching the film on asian american and pornography in class really made me think about what a lack of strong and confident asian men there are in the porn industry. I mean, evidently it has been a lot more than just a lack of strong and confident asian men in the porn industry, as we have seen this pattern in all areas of entertainment and pop culture. But the little trailer created by the Asian professor to me was really powerful and made an impression on me. I did think it was a bit funny, seeing as it clearly had a 1990’s feel to it. But it made an impression! That’s the point of media, right? To communicate a sort of message? It did just that for me. On one hand, I’ll admit that I have noticed how porn truly is just catered to a very specific audience. The foundation of that audience has mainly been ┬ámales. When one looks at a porn clip or film, is the camera ever focused on the male? Not really. In fact, the majority of the time, you barely even see his face! It’s all about the woman and how she pleases the male. There are instances when males have been shown, but thinking back to any videos I’ve ever seen, it’s never–not once– been an asian man. What is that saying?

Now if we focus on the asian women in porn videos, I mean it typically goes to some very specific role. She’s either a submissive quiet girl pleasing a man. Honestly, and this may not be entirely accurate seeing as I’m going into my memory bank, but that man usually is white. I don’t recall seeing a quiet submissive, and eager to please asian woman having sex with an asian man. If she’s not submissive, she’s a commanding and dominatrix-like asian woman. Again, typically her role has been with another caucasian man. I really cannot recall seeing any video where an asian man played anything but a man confident in his sexual experience with another woman. I think that’s why the porn trailer created by the professor was so moving. Not only did it actually put an asian american male in front of the camera, but he was paired with another asian american woman, who was just that. A confident asian american woman exploring her sexuality with another man. Simple and to the point. Just another sensual and sexual porn film with two people. No roles and no gimmicks.