asian american hero

In the first day of my Asian American Pop Culture class, we were asked to tell the class and teacher our Asian American hero. I was instantly stumped. The thoughts that were going through my head were “Well, my boyfriend and his family are Asian American… but that’s just cheesy to call them all my heroes.” I was surprised that I could not think of someone to call my hero. By reflecting on the situation, I realize the fact is that maybe I didn’t or don’t realize the background of some of the well-known people I look up to.

Once at home and over the “on the spot” question, I instantly thought why didn’t you say Michelle Phan?! Michelle Phan is an Asian American make-up blogger who became popular through her Youtube channel featuring make up tutorials for women. Now, her channel has millions of subscribers and she has her own make up line. The reason I look up to Michelle is not because she is into make up but because she made a career out of something she loves. I really admire anyone who can make that their reality because I would love that to be my future. She entered the Youtube world not expecting to become famous and instead just posted videos demonstrating her knowledge and talent with make up because that is simply what she liked to do in her free time. Her following grew and grew and because she really is incredibly talented and actually became recognized for this!

Michelle Phan is a success story and unfortunately not everyone can be. However, she is a good example of how sticking to what you love can lead to happiness and that success is facilitated by hard work and determination. Also, the fact that Michelle went to school and got an art degree makes me think even more highly of her because it proves she worked for where she is now in life. She has won awards such as an Inspiration Icon Award and the Shorty Award for Best Youtube Guru, she is featured on countless websites and magazines and remains a role model for many young girls today. Also, the fact that Michelle is a female who made a living for herself is extremely admirable and inspirational for me. All these accomplishments are what make her one of my Asian American heroes and just an overall hero in general.



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